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Suffolk Bond Hearing Lawyer

The first thought anyone has following incarceration for a criminal allegation is getting out of jail. If a family member has found themselves imprisoned, you need immediate help in bailing them out of jail. At Kozak, Davis & Renninger, P.C., our Portsmouth bond hearing attorneys know that arrests do not always take place during regular business hours. With that in mind, we provide immediate, 24-hour service in securing your freedom until a trial.

Immediate Help From a Virginia Bail Bond Lawyer

Family members call us frantically trying to get their loved one out of jail. They do not want to wait to gain freedom for an imprisoned parent or sibling. They want action taken without delays that involve a law office opening on a Monday morning.

For help in the immediate scheduling of a bond hearing, contact our Portsmouth office at 757-222-2224 or our Suffolk office at 757-925-2121.

An Aggressive Criminal Defense Following a Release From Jail

Benefits exist in retaining a Portsmouth bond hearing attorney at Kozak, Davis & Renninger. In addition to securing the hearing and having your family member released, we can take on the criminal aspects of the case. Our criminal defense practice ranges from DUI to white collar crimes. Not only can we get clients out of jail, we can also fight to keep them out of jail.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a bail bond hearing or an aggressive defense of criminal charges, please contact us.

About Our Firm

For over 25 years, Kozak, Davis & Renninger, P.C. has provided advocacy for clients with the smallest and largest of legal problems. No case is too small. No legal matter is too complex. We are well known throughout the Portsmouth and Suffolk communities for our quality, yet affordable representation and our willingness to accept payment plans.

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