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Portsmouth Divorce Attorney

Clients come to Kozak, Davis & Renninger, P.C., unsure of what to expect out of a divorce action. They may have served papers to their spouse. They may have been served a summons regarding a marital dissolution. The job of our Portsmouth divorce lawyers is to educate area residents and military personnel on the process and provide compassionate advocacy during difficult times.

Dedicated Advocacy From a Virginia Military Divorce Attorney

Whether contested or uncontested, divorce is rife with emotion and involves many legal aspects. Alimony and child support has to be determined. Child custody and visitation must be agreed upon by both spouses. Equitable distribution should be just that — an even division of your assets and debts.

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The Steps Required in an Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested military and civilian divorces involve parties that have reached agreement and reduced their issues in written form. That property settlement agreement (PSA) will require a separation of six months or one year if there are minor children. Once the time has lapsed, we file the agreement in court and you can start the next chapter of your life.

Helping You Through a Highly Contested Divorce

At Kozak, Davis & Renninger, we also handle the emotional and legal complexity of a contested divorce for civilians and military personnel. Spouses are at odds over custody and property matters. Adultery, cruelty, abandonment or desertion may be issues that launched a bitter battle. Money and valuable assets may be hidden by one spouse, requiring us to retain the services of an investigator.

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About Our Firm

For over 25 years, Kozak, Davis & Renninger, P.C. has provided advocacy for clients with the smallest and largest of legal problems. No case is too small. No legal matter is too complex. We are well known throughout the Portsmouth and Suffolk communities for our quality, yet affordable representation and our willingness to accept payment plans.

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