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Suffolk Gun Charge Attorney

In the state of Virginia, you do have the right to carry a concealed weapon. Even with that law in place, we will represent clients who either do not have a permit or let their permit expire. The responsibility of carrying a concealed weapon requires the owner to take the necessary legal steps. Failing to do so or abusing the privilege by committing a crime with it could result in serious consequences.

You have constitutional rights that require fierce protection from an experienced Portsmouth gun charge lawyer. At Kozak, Davis & Renninger, P.C., we provide that high level of dedication and aggressive representation.

If you are facing serious gun charges, contact our Portsmouth office at 757-222-2224 or our Suffolk office at 757-925-2121.

A Virginia Concealed Weapon Attorney Protecting Your Rights

Many cases that come to our Portsmouth gun charge lawyers involve search and seizure issues. Regardless of the severity of the criminal charges, police not following proper search and seizure procedures are violating your constitutional rights. As part of your defense, we investigate the procedures followed and not followed and bring that information to the attention of the court.

Far too much is at stake to retain a lesser-experienced attorney lacking the knowledge and savvy in dealing with the local criminal court system. Avid hunters could see their ability to carry a firearm for a leisure activity stripped away. Those merely exercising their second amendment rights could face heavy fines or jail time.

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