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Suffolk Reckless Driving Attorney

In the state of Virginia, speeding is anything but a minor violation. It could show up on your record as a Class 1 misdemeanor. Ignoring the infraction or allowing ticket after ticket to pile up will only increase fines and penalties, including the possible loss of your driver's license. Any type of reckless driving requires the attention of an experienced and successful attorney.

Aggressive advocacy on behalf of our clients is what we are known for at Kozak, Davis & Renninger, P.C.

Secure the Advocacy of a Virginia Speeding Ticket Attorney

Many resident and out-of-state drivers simply do not fight a speeding ticket. They are quick to pay them and move on. The charge is not that simple. While you may not be handcuffed and jailed, reckless driving and speeding are criminal matters that require the attention of a seasoned attorney.

If you have been charged with reckless driving or speeding, contact our founder and preeminent Portsmouth reckless driving lawyer Warren Kozak at 757-222-2224 or 757-925-2121.

At Your Side in Fighting a Charge of Reckless Driving

Our job is to identify the fallibility of the arresting officer and the problems with the technology used to charge you with a crime. Reckless driving is charged at 25 miles over the speed limit or anywhere over 80 miles an hour. With the severity of the charge, you want to make sure that the officer acted appropriately and the device used to clock your speed was calibrated properly and recently. That is where we can help.

You can fight a speeding ticket with the help of an experienced, high-profile Portsmouth reckless driving lawyer.

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