Traffic Violations Standing Up for the Injured

Portsmouth Traffic Violations Lawyer

We Take Traffic Tickets Seriously

At Kozak & Davis we represent area residents, military personnel, and out-of-state tourists charged with every type of traffic infraction from speeding to DUI. Before you know it, you could find yourself arrested or without a driver's license. Our Portsmouth traffic violations lawyer is here to fight on your behalf.

To schedule an appointment with our traffic violations lawyers in Portsmouth, Suffolk, or Western Branch, contact our main office at (757) 222-2224.

The Need for a Virginia Speeding Ticket Attorney

Traffic violations are far from minor infractions. Multiple speeding tickets and moving violation citations can lead to serious problems. Ignoring them will not make them go away. Points are added to your record based on the number of violations. While one speeding ticket will not lead to an immediate arrest, you should not downplay the significance of the charge.

If you live outside of Virginia or are temporarily stationed at a military base, you will face consequences for disregarding a ticket written in the state. Each traffic infraction has points assigned to it. As they add up, so does the seriousness of the crime. This why our firm strives to defend traffic violation charges as tenaciously as we would any other type of criminal charge.

Well-Known & Successful Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Portsmouth

Attorney Warren Kozak, founder of Kozak & Davis is a high-profile traffic ticket lawyer. He has a reputation for working with his clients to achieve the best results when traffic violations become serious crimes. The loyalty he has earned from representing area residents ticketed or arrested on I-64, I-664, I-264, 58 and 460 is multi-generational. He advocates for children and grandchildren of clients needing help with a traffic ticket or driving on a suspended license charge.

If you are facing serious legal problems related to multiple speeding tickets, reckless driving or DUI, contact our law firm’s main office at (757) 222-2224. You may also schedule an appointment at our Suffolk or Western Branch offices.

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