Driving on a Suspended License Standing Up for the Injured

Portsmouth Suspended License Lawyer

Reinstating Your Driving Privileges

For many Virginia residents, their driver's license is their lifeblood. Being able to drive means running errands, picking up children, and getting to and from work. When that privilege is taken away, the least of your worries may be convenience. This could mean losing your job.

At Kozak & Davis, we represent area residents and out-of-state visitors arrested for driving on a suspended license. We know the stakes our clients are dealing with and respond with dedicated advocacy and creative solutions.

Far too much is at stake for you to hesitate in retaining an experienced Portsmouth suspended license attorney. Contact our main office today at (757) 222-2224.

Penalties for Driving on a Suspended License in Virginia

Multiple driving on a suspended license offenses could lead to jail time, including 10 days for a second offense. In addition, you face hefty fines and increased insurance rates. The state of Virginia takes this crime seriously. For this reason, we highly recommend that you retain an attorney who takes defending those charges just as seriously.

Retain a Preeminent & Successful Suffolk Suspended License Attorney

At Kozak & Davis, our founder Warren Kozak is well-known for his practice on traffic violations and his willingness to take those cases to trial. The first step is putting individuals charged with driving on a suspended license like yourself in the best light possible. Before you appear in front of a judge, focus on getting your driver's license reinstated. That effort could minimize the punishment you face. Allow our firm to guide through the legal process of reinstating your license. We even offer tough representation during DMV hearings to ensure favorable outcomes.

To get started on your case or to talk to an experienced suspended license lawyer in Portsmouth, Suffolk, or Western Branch regarding charges of driving with a suspended license, please contact our main office at (757) 222-2224.

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