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Portsmouth White Collar Crimes Lawyer

Vigorously Representing You Even in Non-Violent Crimes

A white collar crime is characteristically non-violent. However, that does not lessen the severity of criminal charges. Careers are on the line. Freedom is at stake. Prosecutors and the affected parties will pursue severe sentences for those convicted, including prison time and restitution.

At Kozak & Davis our Portsmouth white collar crimes attorneys counter that approach with dedication, diligence, and aggressiveness of our own.

Below are some of the white collar crimes we usually handle:

  • Bribery
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud including tax, credit card, and internet fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Identity theft
  • Forgery
  • Money laundering

If you have been charged with fraud or any of the listed white collar crimes above, contact our main office at (757) 222-2224 or ask for an appointment at our Suffolk or Western Branch offices.

A Suffolk Embezzlement Lawyer Proactively Representing You

In many white collar criminal cases, employees of a local company will come to us, suspecting that criminal charges are coming their way for embezzlement. That proactive approach helps us build a case quickly and minimize the damage. If law enforcement is not yet involved, we will contact your employer and work on a resolution short of courtroom litigation.

Providing Aggressive Defense

If you have already been charged with trademark infringement involving counterfeit merchandise, forgery or bad checks, time is of the essence in contacting our Portsmouth white collar crimes attorneys. We take a detail-oriented approach to reviewing all evidence and police reports. We also focus on how the evidence was secured and if there were any search or seizure issues. During this difficult time, you are entitled to a dedicated advocate.

To learn more about our dedicated legal services or to schedule an appointment with our accomplished white collar crime lawyers in Portsmouth, Suffolk or Western Branch offices, call Kozak & Davis at (757) 222-2224.

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